Internal Audit and Assurance

  • Internal audit charter
  • Internal audit procedures manual, divisions and departments
  • Job descriptions
  • Risk identification, risk matrix, assessment, risk evaluation
  • Internal audit plan
  • Risk control documents, questionnaires and audit programs
  • Conduct of audits
  • Audit reporting

Personal Data Protection

  • Data protection officer services
  • Data processing recording
  • Gap analysis and data process impact assessments
  • Policies on privacy notice, data retention, data breach, destruction, clean office policy, cookies policy
  • Risk assessment and evaluation
  • Conduct of audits
  • Communication with DPA


  • Policies
  • Procedure manuals
  • Internal controls registration
  • Risk control documents
  • Internal control system
  • Internal control system evaluation 


  • Process improvement
  • Operations restructuring, services and departments
  • Improvement of operational results


  • Annual reports on sustainability
  • Ratios calculation
  • Reporting based on GRIs

Accounting book keeping and supervision

  • Book keeping
  • VAT and income declaration

  • Accounting administration and supervision 

Corporate Governance

  • Policies development
  • Compliance with L.4449/2017, L.4706/2020
  • Audit Committee compliance
  • Evaluation of internal control system


  • Software on whistleblowing
  • GDPR Complaince
  • Whistleblower protection
  • Managing / Investigation of notifications

Buisiness set up

  • Start up
  • Buisiness administration
  • Administration and monitoring

Buisiness Planning

  • Buisiness plan
  • Monitoring and control of buisiness plan

Trainning and Certifiquations at the thematic unites of

  • Internal audit
  • Risk management
  • Corporate governance
  • Accounting
  • Financial statements analysis
  • Compliance

With the trainning completion the participants may be certified from the:

  1. Assosiation of Certified Public Accountants International
  2. International Compliance Assosiation            

International Collaborations

  • Assosiation of Certified Public Accountants International International Profesional Certifications                    Certified Public Accountant (CPA)                              Certified Management Accountant (CMA)            Certified Practising Internal Auditor (CPIA)                  Certified Financial Manager (CFM)                              Certified Auditor IT (CAIT) Diploma in Internal Audit (DIA)
  • International Compliance Assosiation

Certificates in Anti-Money Laundering, Managing Fraud, Managing Sanctions Risk, Regulatory Compliance, Financial Crime Prevention, Corporate Govermence, Bribery, Anti-Corruption